Waterfront Cottages for Sale

EkoBuilt is delighted to partner with Nordlaw Cottages to offer a perfect waterfront cottage getaway for anyone craving a quiet lakefront cottage in Eastern Ontario. The newly built cottages will draw on some of EkoBuilt’s passive house principles, including a focus on what we call an “airtight fresh-air experience” for healthy, comfortable living.

Nordlaw Cottages offers the perfect lakeside cottage solution for anyone looking for a slice of quiet, relaxed waterfront cottage living on Bob’s Lake.

Located on a site that was home to the former Nordlaw Lodge, just 20 minutes from Perth, Ontario, the cottages boast beautiful waterfront and shared facilities.

There will be a total of 18 newly built cottages for sale. The first round will include 5 two-storey cottages with approximately 800 sq ft of living space, including 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, and an open concept living-kitchen-dining space. Wrap-around decks on two sides of the cottages make an amazing feature.

Independent freehold with a condominium agreement for the maintenance of and access to common spaces.

1 hour from Kanata/West Ottawa | 1 hour from Kingston

Learn more about EkoBuilt’s approach to building these cottages for low energy cooling in the hottest months as well as supreme health and comfort all season long.

Waterfront cottage living

Individuals, couples and families in search of a quiet cottage getaway will love the Nordlaw community.

Nordlaw lakeside cottage location

489 Crozier Road, Tay Valley, Ontario

2 bedroom cottages

$475k | Condo fees approx $200/month

The first five waterfront cottages for sale will be new-builds. These two-storey units will be designed with healthy, comfortable living in mind.

  • 2 bed / 1 bath (upper floor 378 sq ft)
  • Open concept main floor with kitchen, dining and living room (ground floor 368 sq ft)
  • Wrap-around deck on two sides
  • Contemporary styling, abundant light
  • Bell phone and internet
  • Road open year round allowing for visits to snowshoe, x-country ski or ice fish
  • Ideal for owners seeking a quiet getaway, work/holiday balance

Cottages will be built with R37 insulation, which is a nice step beyond current code, and with the passive home windows and seals that EkoBuilt is known for.

Lakeside cottages for sale

Little known fact: this section of Bob’s Lake enjoys an almost bug-free reputation thanks to prevailing breezes.

Waterfront cottages: energy efficient comfort

The cottages won’t require thick R75 passive walls as a principal residence would, but will still need a super insulated wall assembly for easy cooling.

The walls will be R37 (50% better than today’s code) and the focus will be on air-tightness so that the inside will stay cool with little energy. In this way, we will achieve the passive house “thermos effect” where the ultimate result is comfort.

The “air-tight fresh air experience” Is the experience of passive house living, which we’ve been creating for home owners in urban and rural settings.

When a highly powered and efficient fresh air machine (an HRV) is used to supply fresh air and exhaust stale air in an air-tight thermos-like environment, the experience is sublime.

Air Conditioning: Along with being super-insulated and highly air-tight, EkoBuilt homes are designed to have good humidity control. With good humidity management, very little air conditioning is required.

An inexpensive mini-split heat pump will be installed in each waterfront cottage and should normally be needed only during heatwave conditions.

Nordlaw Cottages overview

Check out this bird’s eye view of our Eastern Ontario waterfront property on Bob’s Lake.

A little history

Originally developed as a site with common amenities, such as a dock, boat launch, and two little beaches, these features will be attractive to new cottage owners.

Nordlaw Lodge was known as a family getaway, and we plan to keep the family-friendly, relaxed nature of the property as we convert it to private ownership with the common areas maintained for the benefit of property owners.

Over time, as the site’s 18 cottages are purchased, it will be an option for the site’s residents to close public access to the boat launch.

Waterfront cottages for sale: the first five (5) two-bedroom units will be followed by the release of smaller, single-storey units and larger three-bedroom bungalows.