Tiny House Ottawa

Attracted to the Tiny House movement but not finding what you need in a house that you can pull with a truck? Building small and efficiently, while living comfortably in a space that fits your needs is the best choice you can make.

EkoBuilt’s original group of tiny house designs were originally conceptualized to work as secondary dwelling units, known variously as coach homes (our own local market in Ottawa, Canada), garden and laneway suites (Toronto, Kingston, etc.), and ADUs or Accessory Dwelling Units (in the United States).

When we first developed the designs it was also with a strong awareness of the new found passion and interest that many folks have for simply building and living small.

We continue to add more models, with a total of 13 tiny or coach house plans currently.

Our plans and kits are available to ship across North America, and if you’re keen to go off-grid or Net Zero, this is the best way to do it!

A render of a tiny house with one bedroom and one bathroom is shown from the outside.
Looking for a tiny home that will be comfortable and sustainable, either as a secondary or primary dwelling? Check out the 624 sq ft Calendula!

Our tiny house plans offer tremendous variety and flexibility for building your tiny house where it makes sense for you. Our homes are so cheap to run, it will be easy to run your tiny house off-grid or on a net metering system. Read about our mechanical systems.

Tiny House Plans

With 13 base plans, it’s easy to find the right one Check out all the ways you can customize your tiny home! We can also do a custom design for you!

  • Dandelion, 420 sq ft, 1 bed / 1 bath
  • Bytown Cottage, 494 sq ft, 1 bed / 1 bath
  • Tiny Tulip, 515 sq ft, 1 bed / 1 bath
  • Tiny Canuck, 552 sq ft, 1 bed / 1 bath
  • Calendula, 624 sq ft, 1 bed / 1 bath
  • Cozy Chestnut, 640 sq ft, 1 bed / 1 bath
  • Mooneys Pad, 640 sq ft, 1 bed / 1 bath
  • Pinewood Paradise, 659 sq ft, 2 bed / 1 bath
  • Senators Place, 667 sq ft, 2 bed / 1 bath
  • The Pine Valley**, 676 sq ft, 1 bed / 1 bath
  • Nepean Point, 720 sq ft, 1 + 1 bed / 1 bath
  • The Swede, 976 sq ft, 1 + 1 bed (loft) / 1 bath
  • Capital Coach**, 988 sq ft, 1 + 1 bed / 1 bath

** These are carriage home style tiny homes with an apartment over a garage.

Floorplan for a tiny home
This tiny house floorplan is for the one bedroom, 624 sq ft Calendula, which features open plan main living spaces and a separate laundry room. We also offer a three-bedroom version if you want the option to grow your tiny home in the future. Minimize cost by choosing this plan, designed to grow with you.

Tiny House over a Garage

An exterior render of the two-storey Pine Valley tiny home with garage design.

Our model home in Ottawa, Canada has a companion carriage style garage with apartment above. A tiny home with a garage is often just what’s needed! This is the Pine Valley (676 sq ft).

Tiny Home with a Basement

An exterior design render of the Dandelion tiny home design.

Sometimes a tiny home is best achieved with a little more space, and a basement is the way to go. We have a video tour of our Dandelion tiny floor plan modified to include a basement.

Tiny House Retirement

Retirement living is the time to go small. The Nepean Point tiny plan is perfect, with open plan living, separate bedroom and den / guest room. At 720 sq ft, it’s perfect. Check it out!

Tiny House Future Extension

Maybe today a one bedroom tiny home is perfect, but you know you’ll want to grow your space down the road. We have tiny home plans with future planned extensions.

Ready to plan your tiny home? Please reach out and we’d love to work with you to make it happen! We ship our plans and weathertight material kits across North America; any carpenter experienced with double-wall framing can put together our kit!

Tiny House Pricing

Pricing for the materials kits and basic shell installation for each of our tiny house plans, as well as a sample cost analysis of a complete build can be found on our Coach House Plans page.

Net Zero / Off Grid Living

We can also help you achieve completely off-grid living if making your tiny house fully independent matters to you. Contact us to find out about our Site Energy Analysis service and how we can customize your tiny house to best fit your needs.

Tiny House Community

Interested in joining with other like-minded people to participate in a tiny house community? Check out our EkoCommunity page to find out more and share your interest.

Want to build a passive tiny home? A tiny home is by definition more sustainable, but a passive tiny home will make energy bills beyond small! Make your tiny house future proof by building it passive. Give us a shout!