South facing wall of the EkoBuilt model home

Douglas Fir timbers in home design

Passive house by Ekobuilt with timberframing

South facing wall of the EkoBuilt model home (click to enlarge)

Many of us want to incorporate natural elements into our homes as a way of making the built environment more welcoming, and a great way of achieving this is through the use of natural wood timbers.

The allure of Douglas Fir timbers is reflected in many online and print home design resources. At EkoBuilt, we started out as timberframers, and we continue to incorporate beautiful timbers in our passive house design.

The EkoBuilt Model Home uses Douglas Fir timbers as structural and accent beams. Douglas Fir, an evergreen conifer species native to British Columbia, is an exceptional choice for its strength to weight ratio, the long lasting nature of its heartwood, its fine knot-free grain, its ability to dry and season quickly with very little warping or distortion, and its general beauty. This wood also resists decay, making it a very healthy wood to have in your home.

When the timbers arrived at the EkoBuilt building site, they were extremely rough. Clean up with a chain saw revealed the fine wood grain and squared up the timbers. Once positioned, the beams were sanded and they are now ready for a coat of natural stain that will enhance the wood grain and extend its life. These photos were taken last week, just as we were preparing to apply stain to the timbers and paint to the walls.

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