BBQ in the rain

Rain proofing your BBQ and other fun things

BBQ in the rain

Photo from The Guardian

This super wet summer is definitely providing some challenges in the garden and in planning get-togethers. Leave it to the British to offer some good advice on barbecuing in wet weather: How to Rain-Proof Your Barbecue from the Guardian.

As Canadians who camp, we’re not too phased by tending to the BBQ in the rain, but it’s a great reminder that a well placed tarp can make a world of difference. We expect to do this when we go camping, but this year it may be something worth doing in the backyard too if you normally enjoy grilling without any cover. This video offers a great primer on 4 knots that are great to know whenever and wherever you might be setting up your tarp.

4 Knots to Set Up a Tarp

Rainy Day S’Mores

Recipe for Rainy day s'mores

From Savoring the Good

If foul weather conspires to simply keep you feeling housebound for a spell, there are loads of recipes for Rainy Day S’mores on the ‘net, and you could certainly start with this one from Savoring the Good: Rainy Day S’mores in 10 Minutes.

Here’s to summer fun, even when the weather doesn’t go our way!