Midsummer Pause

We hope this part of the summer finds you enjoying a break, just back from one or perhaps just getting ready to go. Maybe you’re sprinkling mini breaks through these warm months when we can get outside more easily.

At EkoBuilt, we’re very excited about the engagement we continue to enjoy with so many of you, so many folks interested in sustainable living, coach homes and tiny homes, comfortable high performance homes of many different shapes and descriptions.

We hear from some of you every week, and we’re bursting with news on our latest projects and an update on the first Eko Community that we’re hoping to see move to the design phase shortly. We hear from folks interested in forming an Eko Community regularly, and we encourage you to get your name on our list if you’re keen in participating in one.

Feast by Firelight cookbook coverFor now, we hope you’re getting to enjoy time doing what you enjoy most.

If you’ve got any camping or outdoor cooking with a campfire on the horizon, you might enjoy Feast by Firelight by Emma Frisch, a book we recently came across.

Happy midsummer.


Photo by Filip Mroz on Unsplash