Passive House Resources for Homeowners

Are you wanting to build a comfortable, sustainable home that uses little energy or is off-grid and carbon-free in a cost friendly way? Look no further. EkoBuilt’s passive house plans and kits make for the fastest, most affordable route to Net Zero.

How EkoBuilt Works With You

  • Passive House (whole house building near our HQ in Ottawa, Canada)
  • Passive Home Design & Customization (choose one of our plans, our bring us your design ideas)
  • Passive Home Plans & Kits (pre-certified, shipped across North America)
  • Net Zero Homes (our passive homes are the best route to Net Zero)

We think you’ll agree with other homeowners in diverse locations across the continent – from Ontario to Atlantic Canada, Maine, New York, South Carolina, Utah, and Minnesota and points in between – that we have your passive house solution.

Where We Work

We ship our house plans and weathertight material kit across North America. Our kit is pre-certified passive and engineer approved.

All it takes is an experienced carpenter to put together our kit, and then whatever combination of trades you need to complete the project. (We can even ship prefab panels, if you prefer).

Depending on where you are located, we have excellent builder contacts in many areas. Just ask us!

Ask us about our Consulting Package if you’d like us to create your Project Schedule and communicate with all contractors and trades on the project. This is a good fit for homeowners lacking in technical confidence, or for homeowners leading their own projects who may be working with less experienced trades.

The package is only CAD $7,500 and will make for a smooth project!

“We are now wrapping up the finishing stages of building our EkoBuilt Passive House. We ordered our house kit from EkoBuilt and Paul Kealey was such an amazing support throughout the entire build process… answering our questions, guiding us through and visiting our site to consult with us. We can’t thank Paul enough for being such an incredible person and providing us with this opportunity to build an amazing home that has already proven itself to be everything it promised to be… super efficient, amazingly comfortable, still and quiet, and being kind to our future selves with affordable and predictable low energy consumption into the future. If you’re thinking of building a home, we strongly recommend taking the Passive House route… and EkoBuilt is absolutely recommended as the company of choice.” Jennifer Pimentel, passive home owner

From Concept

An exterior render of a modern bungalow floorplan.
Our popular Hummingbird passive floorplan

To Reality

An interior photo of a modern home built with EkoBuilt's passive house kit.
A New York state home built using our Hummingbird floorplan

We have pulled out some of the most useful pages and blog posts on our site here. You can also browse our blog categories if you’d like to dig deeper.