EkoBuilt custom home projects

Future Projects

We’ve got some great projects coming down the pipeline and are always excited to share a first look at conceptual plans. We usually publish a blog post sharing more details and pictures from recently completed projects.

Modified Foxglove houseplan (3 bed, 2 bath) with walkout basement and separate bunkie
Location: Asheville, North Carolina

Custom Bungalow 3+1 bedroom, including large kitchen and living space. 1916 ft.² – efficient use of space!
Location: Round Lake, Ontario

A slightly larger version of the Primrose model (3 bed, 3 bath) at 1728 ft.²
Location: Ottawa, Ontario

Modified houseplan for two families

Modified Trillium plan including two separate 2-bedroom living quarters (for two separate families) + common kitchen/living spaces
Location: North Frontenac, Ontario

Modified Sunflower plan (4+1 bed, 2 bath) with a slight increase in size to 2100 ft.²
Location: Ottawa, Ontario

Houseplan with walkout basement and greenhouse

Slightly modified Fiddlehead model (2+1 bed, 3 bath), including walkout basement and greenhouse
Location: Cornwall, Ontario