Passive House Resources for Builders

EkoBuilt provides the most affordable route to a pre-certified passive home in North America. Our home designs are based on a proprietary combination of specific materials for a certified (proven) IPHA Passive House – we provide a materials and design package.

Our solution

Our solution relies on homeowners finding an experienced home builder or builder carpenter who is comfortable working with a passive home building solution that has been rigorously designed and field tested.

Our passive house kit includes the following components:

  • 1st delivery: We ship our proprietary passive house components from our location: passive approved permeable air barrier sheathing / vapor barrier sheathing / water barrier house wrap;
  • 2nd delivery: We source some of the lumber components and roof truss system in the customer’s local area (local knowledge, cost savings, and lesser environmental impact);
  • 3rd delivery: Our passive certified window and door supplier is set up for Canada and US logistics and these are shipped direct to your location.

We can also ship the wall assemblies entirely prefabricated if preferred. Find out about our prefab option.

All other house elements, including roof and exterior siding materials, drywall, internal cabinetry, finishes, etc. are then sourced and priced by you, the builder, with your client in whatever way you normally handle these elements.

A picture of an EkoBuilt passive house kit under construction in the early winter.
An EkoBuilt house kit for the Trillium floorplan in the early construction stages.

The EkoBuilt passive house wall assembly is a double wall system, while conventional homes are single wall systems. If you have framed a single wall, it is the same skill set to frame two walls or a double wall system.

What we provide

  • Design and architecture drawings and notes
  • List of EkoBuilt inclusions, as well as items you will need to price for your client
  • A phone call with EkoBuilt for clarifications and questions (e.g. wall / roof assemblies, inclusions / exclusions, etc.)
  • A 70-page full colour Builder Handbook
  • Categorized Material Lists
  • Quality Checklists for various stages of the build
Another exterior picture of the same EkoBuilt home, using the two-storey Trillium floorplan, later in the initial build process.
Construction in progress of an EkoBuilt passive home.

Handbook for Builders

A picture of the cover of EkoBuilt's Builder Handbook. Ask us about it!
We’re adding to our passive house guide for builders all the time – ask us about it!

Join Our Passive House Builder Network

You might want to work with EkoBuilt’s Builder Network if you:

  1. Like that EkoBuilt handles design, architecture and revision for customers to help them customize their house;
  2. Want to build energy efficient homes, but don’t have a lot of experience (you can benefit from our passive house expertise, while you concentrate on building the house);
  3. Like that you can get the complete pre-certified passive material package from EkoBuilt (we have vetted everything and manage the supply chain) — no headaches, you just take it off the delivery truck to build it
  4. Like the opportunity to make a fair and reasonable cost plus margin on our materials, since we can provide wholesale pricing given our volumes (this benefits you and your customers)
  5. Can differentiate yourself and provide sustainable net zero and passive homes, matching evolving consumer preferences for these types of products
  6. Like that EkoBuilt will refer customers from your area to you!

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Initial wall placement of an EkoBuilt passive house kit.