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North America’s Most Affordable Passive House Kit

Protect your investment with our certified passive house weathertight shell material kits.

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How does our passive house kit make it easy to build?

No. 1

You choose an EkoBuilt house plan and indicate any changes you’d like to make.

Choose from our 50+ passive house designs or bring your own. Detail your changes and send to us at

No. 2

We price and finalize the design of your new passive house kit.

We will provide you with a full cost analysis, final passive house design, 3D views, and construction drawings for the permit process.

No. 3

We ship your weathertight material kit directly to your building site.

Based on the design, we ship all materials for your passive house kit (you may choose from passive components or prefab passive options).

No. 4

Your local carpenter or framer installs and assembles your new home.

You hire your own crew or do-it-yourself. Includes start to finish guidance from an EkoBuilt passive house expert.

Why choose an EkoBuilt Passive House Kit?

Highest Quality Passive Home at the Lowest Cost.

We achieve North America’s best value passive home solution through a highly optimized building approach perfected through rigorous research and development and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Design Customization Included. No Additional Fees.

We have over 50 passive home designs and plans to choose from, ranging from tiny homes to 3,000 sq ft passive house plans. We will tailor these designs for how you live and the site where you’ll build.

The Promise of Passive: Ultra-low Energy. Supremely Comfortable & Healthy.

With EkoBuilt you protect your investment by building with a fully pre-certified passive solution. Avoid the long-term risks associated with other building alternatives (unwanted moisture, building deterioration, poor air quality, skyrocketing energy bills).

Guaranteed Performance. Passive Certified.

We guarantee the science, quality, affordability, and performance of your new home. We have invested in the science and technology of passive homes so you can be confident in a superior solution for your home.

Beyond Net Zero – go Net Positive.

Our passive house design is so energy efficient, your home can produce more energy than it uses. We call it Net Positive.

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Finished interior of a home created using a passive house design and kit by EkoBuilt.

Passive Component or Prefab Passive House Options

We can provide our material kits as component kits for easier, lower cost shipping, site access, and more building inspection-friendly. These are assembled on-site by your local carpenter or framer.

Alternatively, we can pre-fabricate the majority of the wall assemblies in our warehouse and ship the wall panels for installation on-site by your local tradesperson. Either way, you’ll achieve your prefab eco home.

What’s included in the EkoBuilt Passive House Kit?

You will receive all pre-certified passive house materials and instructions to build your weathertight shell or building enclosure.

  • Design & construction drawings for your customized house plan or design, including 3D views
  • Wall system & assembly for all exterior walls
  • Roof system & assembly
  • Triple glazed PLUS windows & doors
  • Interior partitions for all interior walls
  • Start to finish guidance from a passive home building expert

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EkoBuilt’s Passive House Plans

An example of a  coach or tiny house plan
Coach / Tiny Passive House Kits (400 – 1,000 sq ft)
The Chelsea floorplan, one of our small house plans.
Small Passive House Kits (1,000 – 1,600 sq ft)
The Sunflower 3 - one of our medium range house plans.
Medium Passive House Kits (1,600 – 2,200 sq ft)
Madawaska house plan with double car garage - one of our large passive house plans.
Large Passive House Kits (2,200 – 3,200 sq ft)

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Passive house kit floorplan for a three-bedroom eco home.

The Chelsea design shown here is one of our most popular passive home plans. It could be exactly what you’re looking for:

See all 50+ modular passive house plans, from tiny homes, small homes built to maximize space, to larger generous family homes.

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