Net Zero Homes

Low energy bills, a healthy and supremely comfortable living environment, great design – what’s not to love? Create a sustainable home for the 21st century. If you’re planning on building a super energy efficient home, get it right from day one.

Go Passive to Make Net Zero Easy

The fact is, pretty much any home can be made net zero, provided a solar array or other alternative energy source can be installed to support its energy requirements.

For most homes, the solar installation required would simply be too large and too costly to make it a worthwhile solution.

Passive homes are really the fastest and smartest way to go Net Zero, as their energy requirement is so incredibly small, roughly 20% compared to homes built to current code.

Our four bedroom, 1,600 sq ft model passive home in Ottawa, Canada is so energy efficient, it often produces more energy than it needs to run.

An exterior render of a passive home, The Hummingbird floorplan, made easily Net Zero by EkoBuilt.
A passive home uses so little energy, Net Zero is easily achieved. Our model home uses a small 6kW array for its energy needs.

Passive House Kits & Prefab Options

Ottawa passive home builder EkoBuilt works in the City of Ottawa and across the Ottawa Valley and environs on whole house builds. We also ship our house plans and material kits across North America. Our weathertight shell is explained here, and we can even supply it as prefab panels if you prefer.

Our pre-certified passive house plans and material kits are the most affordable way to go passive in North America. Our homes are so energy efficient, we say that you can take it Net Positive, not just Net Zero. That means with one of our homes, you can add solar panels and make more energy than your home actually uses.

We work with clients with small urban infill lots, homeowners with larger rural lots, as well as with clients building a second or vacation home.

If your property is within 2 hours drive time of our west Ottawa, Ontario base, we can handle the entire build for your new home or secondary dwelling.

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We’ve also got the experience and know-how to work with these building standards: LEED for Homes, R2000, Green Globes, EnergyStar, and Living Building Challenge. We’re also very excited about Net Zero and how it pairs with our own Passive House offering.

Perhaps you’d like to consider elements of one or more of these building approaches, or you’re simply hoping to figure out the most energy efficient home that you can afford to build, balancing design and taste with low energy input.

Meeting you where you are

We know the ins and outs of all of the above building methodologies, and the best ways to make the most of the resources you have to invest.

We can help with any of the steps along the way, in any combination, including planning and budgeting, design, construction drawings, and every facet of the building and finishing process. We work with individual homeowners, self-build clients, and other builders.

Our passion for sustainable home building is very much focused on energy efficiency, comfort and health.

Energy efficient custom home
The home for the 21st Century needs a very small energy footprint

How we work

Do you have a complete picture of your new home in mind? We can start there and work to turn your vision into a design with technical drawings and specs.

More often, clients have a strong sense of what they want, but need the inspiration of an existing house plan to react to. Over the years we’ve learned the value of starting with excellent house plans that are a close fit, and then working with our clients to fully customize the plans to match their unique needs and lifestyle.

We have passive home plans to suit a wide range of family and household sizes and lifestyles, and which can be adapted to different building standards and methodologies. We love the process of working from these starting points to achieve the house of your dreams.

We also know how important it is to discuss costs and what can be achieved within your budget.

Poster for EkoBuilt's passive house webinar series for home owners
Learn about what’s possible and get all of your questions answered on our live webinar with Paul Kealey! Learn more.

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We can handle whole house builds within two hours of our Ottawa, Canada homebase, and we ship our passive house kits across North America.

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