Multi Unit Residential Plans

We have multi-unit residential plans that are both pre-certified passive and easily net zero. Find out more.

Net Zero Residential Development

From duplexes and residential units with additional suites built in, to townhomes and much larger multi-unit developments, EkoBuilt has your passive and net zero residential solutions.

Our passion and expertise inform every passive and net zero home we build, and every pre-certified passive house kit with ship across North America. Benefit from EkoBuilt’s leadership in the field on your multi-unit residential project.

Multi-unit Residential Plans

Spend some time reviewing our existing plans here or just reach out to discuss your particular project.

An exterior render of a four-storey passive apartment building.
In this four-storey passive residential building, we installed solar panels on the carports to net zero the development.

Passive Residential Development with Retail

We’ve recently designed both four-storey and six-storey multi-unit residential buildings for projects.

The four-storey design, shown above, can be made net zero through the placement of solar panels on the carports that flank the building’s perimeter.

The six-storey passive design, shown here, includes mixed use commercial and retail elements at ground level, and a top floor shared patio area in addition to the balconies for individual units.

Your mixed use development can be a positive addition to the community, being pre-certified passive and, if you wish, net zero.

An exterior render of a six storey residential building.
This six-storey passive residential building has mixed use commercial and retail elements on the ground floor.

Net Zero Townhomes

Perhaps your community development calls for a series of connected townhomes. This base plan can easily be shaped into a larger or smaller development.

Each home has a private garage and front entrance, and is laid out over two floors. The rear of each unit can made private or open onto shared common spaces.

Go passive with your residential development and reap the benefits of quality design, dramatically lower energy bills, and the fastest and more affordable way to go net zero.

Exterior render of a row of five passive town homes
This passive townhome plan is ready to implement in your community; we can easily extend or truncate the base five home plan.

Passive Duplex Plan

The Two Rivers duplex plan offers an approach to semi-detached homes, each with its own attached garage.

Unit A: 944 + 1,172 sq ft (2,116 total)
Unit B: 979 + 1,283 sq ft (2,262 total)

Each home has a private garage and front entrance, and is laid out over two floors.

Easily modified to suit your particular lot and situation.

An exterior render of the Two Rivers passive duplex design.

Shared Living with Separate Guest Suite

We offer two versions of the Frontenac house plan, each with a separate guest suite.

In both scenarios, the ground floor offers a two bedroom, two bathroom layout with common living spaces, and the upper floor offers a completely separate suite.

In the version shown, there is a separate two-bedroom suite or apartment upstairs; in the another version, a half upper floor offers a one-bedroom suite.

Exterior view of the Frontenac with separate 2 Bedroom Suite.

Discuss your project

Please reach out if you’re ready to discuss your project! We love being a part of seeing the tremendous benefits of building passive and net zero come to life in larger community developments.

Four-Storey Multi-Unit Net Zero Building Design

Six-Storey Mixed Residential & Commercial Passive Building Design

Passive Town Home Design

Discuss your project

Please reach out if you’re ready to discuss your project! We’re here to navigate the best way to go passive and net zero in your next development.