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EkoBuilt offers everything you need to understand passive house building and how to go net zero with your primary dwelling, secondary dwelling, or multi-dwelling building. We’ve been building a body of knowledge based on our deep experience that we love to share.

Content Library

We know that people like to get their information in different formats, so we offer continually updated resources on these channels:

We blog 3 times a week, pushing our links out to Facebook and in our popular newsletter.

We dig into the world of passive and net zero homes in detail here, often using an interview format.

On TikTok we love to address questions and demystify the nitty gritty of building passive and net zero.

Similar to TikTok, we love to showcase the many aspects of passive house building on IG.

Resources for Homeowners & Builders

We also know that our audience is made up of individual homeowners, builders who will make use of our passive house kit, and developers wanting to create the most sustainable residential and mixed used developments possible.

We’re continually curating content that we know will help our core customers on their home building journey with us.

We ship our passive house kits across the US and Canada and support builders with tailored resources to help them on the ground.

As EkoBuilt’s approach to passive and net zero grows, we’re adding a new growing focus on multi-unit developments.