High Performance, Low Energy Homes

Our proven low energy home design techniques will protect your dreams – today and tomorrow.

The best house is one that meets our customers’ needs. We believe our customers want:

1. To save money

How: Low energy bills with energy efficient design, more insulation, low air-leakage, low thermal-bridging.

Guarantee: Performance by air leakage rate performance test.

2. Value for money

How: By focusing on smart design and the ‘whole’ house, funds are allocated for better-performing products.

Guarantee: EkoBuilt will evolve, when required, to provide the most cost-effective solutions to our customers.

3. Convenience

How: Installation is done by us. Note: most other products require a sub-contractor.

Guarantee: Customer Assurance.

4. Investment protection

How: Designing to accommodate changing energy codes. Note: Homes built using today’s standard materials and construction styles will be required to change sooner rather than later – an EkoBuilt home will continue to evolve to keep pace with changing energy codes.

Guarantee: Your EkoBuilt home will be designed to meet – or exceed – projected building code standards.

5. Low-maintenance

How: EkoBuilt uses long-lasting materials and products.

Guarantee: By focusing on evolution, your home will include the latest materials and products to be long-lasting, low-maintenance and sustainable.

6. Environmentally responsible materials

Wherever possible, our customers want us to make use of environmentally responsible materials:

How: Using materials with high recycled or renewable content.

Guarantee: We will always consider environmentally conscious materials before more typical materials.