Energy Efficient Home Plans

Looking for energy efficient house plans?

Look no further! We offer many options for beautiful, smartly laid out, supremely comfortable and efficient homes. We present our plans in four key categories, as well as with optional garage/carport.

We’re happy to implement any of our designs as-is, or we will work with you to take a base plan and modify if it best suit your unique lifestyle needs and preferences.

House Performance Scenarios

There are also several different approaches to building an energy efficient home within your budget.

Click here to learn more about House Performance Scenarios and to compare costs.

Passive House Plans & Pricing

Any of our house plans can be built to different levels of energy efficiency, but we promote the Passive House standard as the best value for money and the smartest choice for now and the future.

Our top of the line offering is designed and engineered with comfort, performance and cost effectiveness in mind. A Passive House performs 85% better than a home built to today’s code.

Simply buy one of our house plans and get full access to our Eko Solar Engine, or have us customize a plan and build it for you.

Please note that all pricing is in Canadian dollars, although we will ship our weather-tight material kits across North America. In 2020 we’re offering Free Shipping across most of North America!

The House Plans

View coach house and tiny house plans

Coach / Tiny Passive House

400 – 1,000 sq ft

View our small house plans

Small Passive House

1,000 – 1,600 sq ft

View medium sized house plans

Medium Passive House

1,600 – 2,200 sq ft

View our larger houseplans

Large Passive House

2,200 – 3,200 sq ft

View houseplans with garage and carport options

Garage / Carport Options

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