EkoBuilt's passive house solar engine

The Eko Solar Engine

Introducing the Eko Solar Engine

The EkoBuilt Passive House is our premier offering for home owners seeking the best investment, exceptionally low energy consumption, and comfort from a home that is also supremely healthy.

Almost all of our conversations begin with the passive house and what it means for home owners. To aid these conversations and to support your research into the best home for you, we recently developed an illustration that shows the component parts of what we call the Eko Solar Engine.

Look no further – we’ve done the work for you

This simple and fully documented complete building solution is completely unique and makes it extremely easy for anyone to achieve the passive house standard. The Eko Solar Engine seamlessly combines:

  • Superior building technologies, materials and principles
  • Smart building systems working together
  • Extremely thoughtful design

These elements come together to make up what we consider to be the ‘solar engine’ that is an EkoBuilt Passive House.

If you’re interested in finding out more, contact us for the complete list of technologies shown in the illustration. This complete solution is available to anyone who works with us, including anyone who buys our passive house kits.