Every EkoBuilt PassiveHouse kit includes all of the items necessary for a watertight, wind tight, and vapour tight passive house. To help make the passive house more achievable and affordable for many, we leave the selection and purchase/installation of all other elements up to you. This works well for people wanting to build their own home entirely, to act as their own general contractor, or just to gain more control over the total project budget. Find out more >

EkoBuilt’s Solar Engine

Find out more about the unique set of technologies that can make an EkoBuilt Passive House run.

EkoBuilt’s Weather Tight Shell

Download the full EkoPassiveHouse Weather Tight Shell Kit Inclusions list here.

Building Your Home

EkoBuilt’s goal is to provide anyone building a new home the opportunity of achieving an affordable Passive House. We know that this looks different for everyone.

We’ve outlined how our kits work for the following audiences:

  • the Do-it-Yourselfer
  • the small builder or contractor
  • the owner-builder who wants to act as their own general contractor

Read more in our blog post all about the different way that you can build using our Passive House materials kits and solar engine.

Optional Extras

Note: the EkoBuilt materials kits described above include all of the items necessary for a watertight, wind tight, and vapour tight passive house.

The following items are all readily available across Canada, and we leave it up to you to source and manage installation of the items that best fit your requirements and budget.

  • Structural timber frame core
  • Pre-finished siding (100% post-consumer engineered wood product)
  • Steel roofing, colour of choice
  • Soffit/fascia
    • Aluminum vented soffit, colour of choice
    • Aluminum fascia, colour of choice
  • Exterior trim for windows and doors
  • Sub-floor (main floor) materials
  • Insulation – dense-pack cellulose
  • Walls (R75), Roof (R110)
  • Windows/doors – PassiveHouse aluminum clad with wood interior (Munster Joinery)
  • Timber stairs
  • Interior framing
  • Interior finish materials
  • Construction service
  • Project management

Eko PassiveHouse Engine, Plans & Materials Kits

View our PassiveHouse material kit plans and pricing

EkoPassive House Materials Kit [pdf]

Get a complete picture of the Eko Solar Engine

What’s it all going to cost?

View our sample Eko PassiveHouse total build cost analysis (1424 sq ft, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms)