Passive house materials and construction

PassiveHouse Materials

Every EkoBuilt PassiveHouse kit includes all of the items necessary for a watertight, wind tight, and vapour tight passive house.

To help make the passive house more achievable and affordable for many, we leave the selection and purchase/installation of all other elements up to you.

This works well for people wanting to build their own home entirely, to act as their own general contractor, or just to gain more control over the total project budget.

Our homes tend to be as slab on grab, but a full basement is always an option (and a walkout basement can be a great way to get a more affordable two-storey home on the right property).

Building Your Home

EkoBuilt’s goal is to provide anyone building a new home the opportunity of achieving an affordable Passive House. We know that this looks different for everyone.

We’ve outlined how our kits work for the following audiences:

  • the Do-it-Yourselfer
  • the small builder or contractor
  • the owner-builder who wants to act as their own general contractor

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