Passive House Renovations

Retrofitting your older home to the Passive house standard is something we’ve blogged about over the years, but with a steep rise in requests for our help in the renovation process, we decided it was time to add a new EkoBuilt service.

Passive House Retrofits

For a long time, there were too many apparent barriers to retrofitting an older home sufficiently well to make it worthwhile looking at the passive house standard.

It’s now possible for a good number of older homes to achieve the newer EnerPHit – Quality-Approved Energy Retrofit with Passive House Components.

If you own an older home and are wondering if it’s possible to retrofit to passivehouse standard, the short answer is yes. The long answer will depend on the original construction and current state of your home.

That’s where we come in, with one of two site consultation services. In both cases, you will end up with a strategic approach for transitioning to Passive House, including integrated water, vapour, and air barriers through all ceiling, wall, and floor junctions (also called transitions — essentially where these structural elements meet).

Our approach to Passivehouse is holistic, recognizing that a home is truly the sum of its parts. If there is any weakness in the home’s envelope, leading to air leakage, the whole house can be affected. This is true for air quality as much as loss of energy.

What does it cost?

Our consultation service costs are laid out on this page, but the actual cost to renovate your home will vary depending on the complexities and challenges presented by your particular home.

The strategic approach that is generated by our site consultation service will then allow us to accurately cost your renovation.

Ready to move away from dependence on fossil fuels and to enjoy the healthiest, most energy efficient home possible?

With this new PassiveHouse renovation service, EkoBuilt is offering an affordable first step for home owners keen to stay in the home they love while preparing for the future.

Passive House Retrofit Site Consultation

Newly certified homes generally achieve energy reductions between 75 and 90%. Imagine the lifetime savings!

If you select either Option A or B, EkoBuilt will also prepare a free-of-charge fully costed renovation plan for your home based on the findings and approach that we recommend.

Option A

This two-hour site consultation will allow us to thoroughly inspect your home and devise a strategic approach for transitioning to Passivehouse standard through renovation.

Cost: $350 plus HST | Service Area: Greater Ottawa area (we will travel outside of this area by adding in our travel costs to your total fees).

Option B

We’ll conduct the same site consultation as in Option A, plus the addition of a blower door test. This is useful for home owners who want to begin with a baseline performance evaluation for their home, pre-renovation.

Note: The Passivehouse certified air tightness standard is 0.6 air changes per hour. Energy star homes require 2.0 air changes per hour or fewer, code built homes — depending on how well they are built — could experience anywhere from 3 to 10 air changes per hour.

Cost: $500 plus HST | Service Area: Greater Ottawa area (we will travel outside of this area by adding in our travel costs to your total fees).