Pine Valley Bungalow Floorplan

The Pine Valley is the plan we used for our four bedroom, two bathroom net zero model home. It’s an exceptional take on a bungalow.

An exterior render of the Pine Valley bungalow, showing an optional outdoor porch.
The Pine Valley bungalow has quickly joined the ranks of our most popular passive house plans. All pricing in CAD dollars.

Net Zero Bungalow

Name: Pine Valley Bungalow

Size: 1,634 sq ft

Rooms: Four bed, two bath, open plan living spaces

Net Zero Living

The Pine Valley bungalow comes to life in our model home in rural West Ottawa (Canada).

We open the home to the public on a handful of days each year; check our Ottawa Net Zero Model Home page for the next date and to see and learn much more about this house.

We also offer a virtual tour of this passive home, and use it as the basis for demonstrating many of the passive home and net zero technologies that we use at EkoBuilt.

Pine Valley Bungalow – Four Bedroom Passive Home