Hummingbird 2 Floorplan

This take on our Hummingbird floorplan includes a full basement and a revised main floorplan with three bedrooms.

An exterior render of the Hummingbird 2 floorplan at dusk. It shows the rear or south facing aspect of the home, including its main entrance.
The Hummingbird 2 reconfigures this floorplan to include a main entrance that incorporates stairs to the lower level. All pricing in CAD dollars.

Passive House Plan

Name: Hummingbird 2

Size: 1,916 sq ft ground floor, 1,632 sq ft basement (customize to your needs)

Exterior elements: Deck with screened porch 737 sq ft, rear patio 577 sq ft

Rooms: Three+ bed, two bath, open plan living spaces

Hummingbird 2 – Passive House Plan with Basement

If you’d like to see interior renders for the Hummingbird, please check out the Hummingbird 1 Floorplan.