Hummingbird 1 Floorplan

The Hummingbird is a four bedroom bungalow and quite simply one of our most popular floorplans.

A day exterior render of the main entrance and rear wall of the Hummingbird house plan.
The Hummingbird takes full advantage of the huge run of windows across the back of the home for the main living areas. All pricing in CAD dollars.

Passive House Plan

Name: Hummingbird 1

Size: 1,916 sq ft

Exterior elements: covered porch 108 sq ft + screened porch 308 sq ft, rear patio 845 sq ft

Rooms: Four bed, two bath, open plan living spaces

Hummingbird 1 – Four Bedroom Passive House Plan

We now also include interior renders for the Hummingbird — scroll down for more.

Photos for a finished project

This client project situated our original Hummingbird 1 plan on a lake and has the most gorgeous natural setting.