Frontenac Shared Living Plan + One Bed Suite

The base Frontenac plan has a ground floor dedicated to shared living. Upstairs is a separate one bedroom suite.

An exterior render of the Frontenac floorplan with separate one-bedroom suite. Exterior stairs lead up at the rear of the home.
The Frontenac shared living plan with separate, self-catering suite could be just what you need. The one-bedroom unit could be an office or home based business, a rental unit, or just an extension of shared living. All pricing in CAD dollars.

Shared Living House Plan

Name: Frontenac + One Bedroom Suite

Ground Floor: Two family or two occupant format, with separate bedroom / private living space in wings flanking a shared central space with kitchen, dining, great room, utility room and entrance.

Upper Floor: One bed, one bath, open plan living spaces.

See the Frontenac with Two Bedroom Suite

Frontenac Two Family Floorplan with One Bedroom Suite