Building your own Passive House comes with tremendous advantages, but also comes with unique demands, like setting (and keeping to) a budget. How can you know if you can afford the home of your dreams if you can’t figure out what it’s likely to cost?

To help with this all-important part of the process, we offer a set of sample total costs for a custom home here. Click here for a comparison of annual running costs for a code-built house compared to our Passive Homes.

Sample home: EkoBuilt’s Foxglove PassiveHouse design

Foxglove cottage kit plan

Foxglove, 1424 sq ft, $129,494 for EkoBuilt kit

The Foxglove PassiveHouse materials kit from EkoBuilt is for a home that is 1424 square feet, has 3 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms. Download plans: FOXGLOVE

Total cost to build finished home: $344,924.

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House Specific Costs (updated March 2019)


  • Concrete footings
  • Weeping tile (drainage) to dry well
  • 11 ¼” ICF (R-20 Insulated Concrete Form) foundation wall system
  • Additional 7.5” EPS (R-30 expanded Polystyrene) on interior of ICF
  • 5” EPS (R48 beneath concrete slab)

Total Foundation: $34,225

Concrete Floor

  • Concrete floor cleaning and finishing

Total Subfloor: $3,750

Weather-Tight Shell Materials (Foxglove plan)

  • Eko PassiveHouse weather-tight material package

Total Weather-tight Shell Materials: $92,575

Weather-Tight Shell Installation, (Foxglove plan)

  • Installation of complete Weather-tight Material Package

Total Weather-tight Shell Installation: $36,919


  • Ideal Wakefield bridge steel shingles ($12,000)
  • Aluminum vented soffit and facia ($3,500)

Total Roofing: $15,500

Siding & Trim

  • Natural and maintenance free siding

Total Siding & Trim: $13,500


  • Procell Blue (by Thermocell) dense-pack cellulose insulation

Total Insulation: $12,500


  • ABS, Pex pipe & fittings to all fixtures
  • 2 exterior hose taps
  • Hot water tank hookup
  • Valves on all accessible fixtures

Total Plumbing: $7,250


  • 200 amp underground service
  • All wiring to plugs, switches & mechanicals
  • 2 exterior plugs
  • Telephone & cable wiring

Total Electrical: $9,750

HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning)

  • Heating & Air Conditioning – Mitsubishi Zuba air-to-air heat pump
  • HRV – Zehnder ComfoAir 200

Total HVAC: $15,000


  • Drywall for dormers, interior partitions, & main ceiling
  • All surfaces painted

Total Drywall: $18,425

Plumbing & Electrical Fixtures

Total Plumbing & Electrical Fixtures Allowance: $4,500

Interior Finishes, including installation

  • Kitchen & vanities including stone counters ($24k allowance)
  • Pine interior doors, door & window trim including baseboard ($12k allowance)
  • Tile-work in washrooms ($7.5k allowance)

Total Interior Finishes: $43,500


Land Specific Costs

  • Laneway (gravel) 60 feet
  • Excavation for foundation walls
  • Foundation Backfill (sand)
  • Septic System
  • Drilled well

Total Land Specific Costs: $37,500

Total Project Costs

The total price tag, including house and land elements, came to $344,924.

You can download the full cost analysis in a four-page document [PDF].