Cost Analysis for Building an Eko Passive House

Building your own Passive House comes with tremendous advantages, but also comes with unique demands, like setting (and keeping to) a budget. How can you know if you can afford the home of your dreams if you can’t figure out what it’s likely to cost?

To help with this all-important part of the process, we offer a set of sample total costs for a custom home here. Click here for a comparison of annual running costs for a code-built house compared to our Passive Homes.

Please note that all pricing is in Canadian dollars, although we work across North America.

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Sample home: EkoBuilt’s Foxglove PassiveHouse design

The Foxglove PassiveHouse materials kit from EkoBuilt is for a home that is 1424 square feet, has 3 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms.

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Foxglove cottage kit plan
Foxglove, 1424 sq ft total sample build cost: See cost analysis.

Sample Costs for Other House Plans

These three plans show good sample costs for house plans of different sizes:

Nepean Point, 720 ft.², 2 bed / 1 bath

Sunflower, 2100 ft.²
4 bed / 2 bath

Trillium, 3121 ft.²
4 bed / 2.5 bath

Please contact us for a complete cost analysis for your selected house plan or a custom design.