Annual Cost to Operate a Passive House

Below is a quick summary of the annual site energy demand from a typical home built to Ontario code as compared with the EkoBuilt Passive House (as designed).

Code Model

39,313 kWh/yr Annual Site Energy Demand

Passive House As-Designed:

8,628 kWh/yr Annual Site Energy Demand***

Total Energy Savings:

30,685 kWh/yr

***Energy demand in kWh is the result of PHPP modelling software. The EkoModel PHPP was done by CertiPHIers Cooperative. PHPP (Passive House Planning Package) is innovative modeling software developed by the International PassiveHouse Institute to measure a building’s primary energy demand, heating load, and cooling load.

PHPP uses specific data to accurately measure a building’s performance, including climatic data, window area, window shading, site orientation, exterior wall and roof assembly components, heating / cooling / air exchange equipment efficiencies, and appliance efficiencies.

Additional cost information

The following cost comparison of a traditional house build vs. passive house from Bleu Nest in the United States provides ample evidence of the real financial benefits of the passive house model:

Traditional house build vs. passive house infographic