Coach House Ottawa

Ottawa’s Coach House / Secondary Dwelling Opportunity

Secondary dwellings are variously known as coach houses, ADUs (accessory dwelling units), laneway and garden suites. Our smallest house plans are intended for these types of dwellings.

Toronto and Kingston have their own secondary dwelling opportunities too! Toronto homeowners, we can work with you on your Laneway Suite, and Kingston homeowners, we can make your secondary unit a reality!

EkoBuilt’s sustainability objectives and minimalistic approach to design make us uniquely suited to design and build tiny houses/coach houses.

We offer a series of tiny house models that are perfectly suited to the Ottawa Coach House regulations but which can be applied by anyone, anywhere.

Due to their small size, tiny/coach homes are naturally sustainable and a minimalistic approach to design keeps them supremely cost-effective. 

Learn more about our passive house building system and materials. We can also offer our Eko Solar Engine to help your small house Net Zero or entirely Off-Grid.

Contact us to find out about our Site Energy Analysis service.

Tiny homes offer great options for:

  • home office or home studio
  • secondary dwelling
  • in-law suite
  • rental unit

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EkoBuilt’s coach house offering:

  • Tiny/coach house models – plans only, materials packages, construction service, project management, mechanical elements and interior finishes (choose the best combination for you!)
  • Passive house building system with pre-certified passive elements, and full HVAC systems pre-selected
  • Custom design services for your own design: we’ll produce a custom set of drawings from your preliminary ideas and sketches
  • A twin focus on beauty and sustainability

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