Protect your home’s investment by building to the future code standards, or even better.

For those who are not aware, building codes are changing:

In 2012, the building code increased the minimum insulation standard for the first time in almost 30 years. The increase was just around 10% but codes will continue to increase 10 to 15% every four years until at least 2030. By then it’s estimated that minimum exterior wall insulation will be R32 (currently R22), and roof insulation will be a minimum of R50 (currently R32).

EkoBuilt’s ‘Code Plus’ framework designs to this projected code standard. On the flip side, it’s likely that present-day newly built homes (built to minimum code standards) will start to depreciate in value because of these drastically changing codes.

House Plans

You can select from 1 of 13 existing energy efficient home plans, and build it as-is or modify it to best suit your needs, all to the CodePlus standard.

Materials Package

Download the materials package for the EkoCodePlus version of our house plans and kits. [pdf]

Protect yourself and your investment today by building ‘Code Plus’. Contact us to find out more.

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