A rocking chair in a room of the EkoModel Home

Client Defined Services

You are likely viewing our website because you are either interested in or planning to build a sustainably-focused or super energy efficient home. There may be a number of home building styles that you may be considering, such as:

Perhaps you’d like to consider elements of one or more of these building approaches, or you’re simply hoping to figure out the most energy efficient home that you can afford to build, balancing design and taste with low energy input.

We know the ins and outs of all of the above building methodologies, and the best ways to make the most of the resources you have to invest. We can help with any of the steps along the way, in any combination, including planning and budgeting, design, construction drawings, and every step along the building and finishing process. We work with individual homeowners, self-build clients, and other builders.

We also have a series of energy efficient home plans that could be just what you’re looking for, or the jumping off point that you need.

Please contact us to discuss your project.