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An exterior render of a porch off one-side of a contemporary passive house bungalow, designed by EkoBuilt.

Passive House Plans & Kits

Shipped to the US & Canada

An interior of a contemporary passive home built using custom home builder EkoBuilt's passive house system.

Custom Home Builds in Ottawa, Canada

(2-hour drive radius)

There are a variety of ways to approach your new home, and we’d like to help you get there.

EkoBuilt is unique in specializing in building to the Passive House standard. It’s the only home building standard that builds for today and tomorrow and addresses your comfort and wellbeing while also creating a home that’s more affordable to run than any other. It’s also the easiest to take Net Zero.

All of our customers are different. Some are ready and able to jump into a fully certified Passive House, while others may be somewhere else on the continuum.

At EkoBuilt, we can help you figure out what makes the most sense, to meet your dreams and your budget, all the while considering what will make for the best home investment.

We are delighted to work with you on your entire project, to work with you as consultants in the design / energy systems process, or simply to provide one our house designs (with or without the optional materials package). We can modify any of our house designs to meet your exact requirements, or we can start from scratch. It’s up to you.

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