Custom Passive Homes

EkoBuilt offers the most affordable passive home option in North America. It’s our passion – let’s talk about how we can create your custom passive house.

Your Design, Our Expertise

We’ve spent a lot of time designing a suite of more than 50 pre-certified passive home plans, as we know passivehouse design and technology inside and out.

We know what works and how to apply the concepts to make them work within your particular circumstances, including geographic and climatic concerns, site specifics, and personal lifestyle needs and preferences.

We have perfected our passive home offering into a kit format that is easily shipped to your locale, either for local assembly, or in prefab form.

If you have a vision of a fully custom home, we can offer our in-house architecture service to turn this into the necessary construction specifications and detailed drawings for your house.

A photograph of a custom kitchen with a vaulted wood ceiling.
You have a unique vision for your home. We can make it happen, ensuring quality and performance for now and in the future.

Our Passion for Passive

We’re so passionate about passive homes, we’ve become the go-to resource for passive homes. This includes home owners and others researching home energy trends, passive house design, and more.

We blog about these topics several times a week, constantly share our knowledge and experience through our social media channels, and continuously add to our body of knowledge through our work with homeowners across the US and Canada. We love sharing new home projects as part of this process.

We’re delighted to have reached a point where “net zero” and “passive house” have entered the popular imagination. Our homes are so energy efficient, we say that you can take it Net Positive, not just Net Zero. That means with one of our homes, you can add solar panels and make more energy than your home actually uses.

When you work with EkoBuilt, you’re engaging with a group of people who are thoroughly passionate about sustainable home building, and about your home’s design and execution.

If your property is within 2 hours drive time of our west Ottawa, Ontario base, we can handle the entire build for your new home or secondary dwelling.

EkoBuilt's Paul Kealey shown standing outside.
Our passive hour guru, Paul Kealey, in front of a flat bed loaded with our pre-certified passive house components for a passive home build in Parry Sound, Ontario.

Getting Started

It might be a Pinterest board, or that proverbial sketch on the back of a napkin, or just some ideas you’re keen to put into words. We’re here to help you transfer those ideas so that we can realize them in the most sustainable home you’ll ever own.

Book a call with EkoBuilt’s passive house guru and project lead, Paul Kealey, to get started on bringing your vision to life.

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