Passive House Webinar for Home Owners

If you're planning to build, the research can seem endless. Our two-hour webinar will make light work of the research and planning phases.

If you’re planning to build, the research can seem endless. Our two-hour webinar will make light work of the research and planning phases.

Don’t Feel Lost in the Noise

The internet is full of information, some of it pretty misleading and a lot of it confusing. Get rid of the distraction and turn to EkoBuilt for answers on all things passive house and net zero.

If you’re planning to build a new home home, especially a sustainable one, the dream is exciting, but the reality is full of an overwhelming number of decisions.

We’ve taken the headaches out of this process as much as possible with a two-hour webinar that we hear time and again answered our customers’ most pressing and mind boggling questions. We offer this webinar roughly five or six times a year and your next chance is coming up.

Build Your Home “Ask Me Anything” webinar with EkoBuilt’s president and visionary Paul Kealey. More details.

Wednesday, November 29th, from 6:30 to 8:30pm EST (and we run late to accommodate everyone’s questions, so 9:30 is likely more accurate if you want to stay on for the full Q&A)

EkoBuilt's passive house expert Paul Kealey, shown on-site at a passive home build.
EkoBuilt’s passive house guru Paul Kealey will walk you through everything to do with a passive house build, and take the time to answer all of your questions!

Key Passive House & Net Zero Topics

We cover the following in detail:

  • Types of energy efficient construction and certification methods, including Passive House, R2000, LEED, etc.
  • Why passive is your fastest and most affordable route to Net Zero
  • The steps in your house building project
  • The timeline for building your home
  • Initial and lifetime costs for a sample passive home
  • How construction financing works
  • Benefits of passive house certification
  • Traps to avoid that will save you money

EkoBuilt provides the most affordable passive house solution to homeowners in the US and Canada. Our homes have been built in communities from Ontario to Atlantic Canada, Maine, New York, South Carolina, Georgia, Utah, and Minnesota and points in between

Get Answers, Save Money

Our webinar has time for your questions built in throughout, and we don’t finish until everyone has had their questions answered thoroughly.

We get tremendous feedback on the value of the live webinar format and can guarantee that it will reduce headaches and anxiety, and absolutely help you to save significantly on your build.

If building a sustainable home suited to a net zero future is something you hope to do, turn it into a viable plan by joining EkoBuilt’s webinar.

Save the date and make time for planning a passive home with the right information!

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