Custom home builder EkoBuiltBuilding your own custom home comes with tremendous advantages, but also comes with unique demands, like setting (and keeping to) a budget. How can you know if you can afford the home of your dreams if you can’t figure out what it’s likely to cost?

We’re here to help with this all-important part of the process and can help you realize your project within your budget.

We also offer sample costs for some of our core offerings:

Passive House

Cost Analysis for Building Your Own Passive House

Annual Cost for Operating a Passive House

EkoBuilt Passive House Plans & Pricing

Tiny/Coach House

Cost Analysis for Building Your Own Tiny/Coach House (PDF – Tiny Canuck)

What it Costs to Build a Coach House (from the blog, February 2018 – Tiny Canuck and Nepean Point)

EkoBuilt Coach House Plans & Pricing