How much does a custom home cost?

Building your own custom home comes with tremendous advantages, but also comes with unique demands, like setting (and keeping to) a budget.

How can you know if you can afford the home of your dreams if you can’t figure out what it’s likely to cost?

We’re here to help with this all-important part of the process and can help you realize your project within your budget.

We also offer sample costs for some of our core offerings. Please note that all pricing is in Canadian dollars, although we work across North America and are always excited to take care of our American clients as well as our Canadian ones!

Pricing: Material costs have experienced incredible volatility in recent years. In fall 2022 we updated the majority of cost analysis documents shared on the website. Please reach out if you need a cost analysis for any of our house plans.

If you’re looking for cost per square foot, this can range from $200 to $300 per square foot depending on the size of the home and its and style and finishes.

Read our blog post: Calculating the cost of your new home.

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Energy efficient house plans

For material kit costs and installation costs for our house plans, please visit the Energy Efficient Home Plans page. For a complete turnkey build, the general rule of thumb is to double those two figures. Read our blog post: Calculating the cost of your new home.

Any questions? Just give us a shout!