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We're preparing some project updates to share, and first want to give you a feel for where we're sending our passive house kit these days.

We’re preparing some project updates to share, and first want to give you a feel for where we’re sending our passive house kit these days.

What’s in a name?

We know from reviewing our search traffic and the conversations with have with folks from across Canada and all corners of the United States that people are looking for the solution we offer by different names: the passive floorplans and building materials required to create a passive home.

We most typically refer to the passive building system or package that we offer for creating a certified passive home as our passive house kit. We also call it a weathertight material kit, or a passive wall assembly.

We also offer our pre-certified passive house kit as prefab passive panels for folks who want to take the assembly of the home’s base wall system out of the equation.

We regularly hear from folks across the continent, including very different climate zones. Our passive house package provides the best solution for all of them.

Passive house components - shipping logistics
A transport truck is loaded up with one of EkoBuilt’s passive house kits.

Shipping our passive home to your locale

We recently published a blog post breaking down the pricing of our passive house kit, including shipping estimates for different parts of the US and Canada.

Any given month, we find ourselves in the midst of conversations with folks who are:

  1. exploring building passive or net zero (passive is simply the quickest, most affordable pathway to a net zero home);
  2. firming up the floorplan / overall design of their new EkoBuilt home (usually working from one of our base plans, but we can handle creating a plan from scratch too);
  3. investigating local builders and trades to handle the on-the-ground build of their home (in tandem with support from EkoBuilt);
  4. entering the construction phase of their new passive house, starting with EkoBuilt’s pre-certified passive weathertight shell
A passive house interior offers a fresh air experience unlike any other type of home. This finished home was built using our extremely popular Hummingbird house plan.

Passive homes across North America

Which brings us to where we are working with folks at the moment.

Not surprisingly, we have a lot of projects on the go in or near our local area (Ottawa, Canada), with projects like these underway:

  • Kemptville, Ontario: Owner-built project based on a custom design
  • Munster, Ontario: new coach house (secondary dwelling)
  • Montague Township, Ontario: new custom bungalow (similar to our Shooting Star)
  • Blind River, Ontario: passive house kit about to ship

In the US, we also have many projects at various stages:

  • Maine: a new build at the rough-in stage using our Pine Valley floorplan
  • Michigan: preparing to ship a passive house kit this fall
  • Utah: the owners are having the foundation put in place this year, in preparation for building with our passive house kit in 2024
  • As well as new projects in Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, and Ohio!

A pair of garden suites in Ottawa
Side by side ADUs or secondary dwellings in Ottawa, Canada built with EkoBuilt’s passive house building system. Read about this project.

EkoBuilt meets you where you are

The appetite for and interest in building the most energy efficient home possible is evident as we answer an ever growing wave of requests to ship our kit across Canada and the US.

We are honored to be helping so many folks create a passive home with our tried and true kit and methods.

Find out more about the passive house difference, why it’s your best way to go net zero, and what your future home could look like, right here.

Ready to talk? We’d love to hear from you.

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