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Here at EkoBuilt, we've been building and blogging about passive and net zero homes for years. We've got everything you need right here.

Here at EkoBuilt, we’ve been building and blogging about passive and net zero homes for years. We’ve got everything you need right here.

Resources on Net Zero Homes

Although our bread and butter comes from designing and building passive house kits for net zero homes, we see education and sharing information as a huge part of our role.

Building a sustainable home or addition (or any home for that matter) is no small thing. It represents the single largest expenditure most of us will make in our lives, and it needs to be done right. But you also need to manage this process while juggling all of the other elements in your life!

Naturally, we convey a lot of information in our conversations with clients and people exploring building passive (the most affordable route to net zero), but there are so many decision points.

We continuously build on the net zero home and passive house resources that we have to offer anyone interested in building a sustainable home. Read on to find out more what this includes.

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Website rich in resources

Because building a home entails everything from finance, land purchase, and a myriad of planning activities, as well as finding and engaging trades people, and making a ridiculous number of small decisions along the way, it’s understandably overwhelming at times. We’re here to make life a bit easier.

The website is a first port of call for most people who contact us, and we hear again and again how much people appreciate our information rich blog and the other resources we offer here.

We are constantly updating and strengthening the information available here on our website.

We pay special attention to everything to do with building passive, what it means to go net zero and how, as well as the specifics of our 50+ house plans and our building system, which we ship across North America.

We also look at broader energy and home building trends, and every aspect of building a home. (We welcome suggestions too!)

We even write about retrofitting older homes to passive standard, because we wish to help any homeowner wanting to achieve a more sustainable home and bottom line. See a list of blog categories here.

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Quick Tips

  • The Search feature at the top of our website is a great way to find resources – use it!
  • We blog 3 times a week currently, and that means we cover a lot of ground. Sign up to follow our blog or join our mailing list for less frequent updates.
  • Start on our Passive House Resources for Homeowners page for a great overview.

Deeper information on building for net zero

In 2022 we introduced an interactive webinar for homeowners on building passive and going net zero. We’ve never looked back!

The webinar, which generally takes place multiple times a year over a two-hour block on a weekday evening, is a tremendous resource for homeowners.

We hear again and again from our participants how useful they find the webinar and how it has helped them to save significantly on their home building project.

EkoBuilt’s Paul Kealey leads the webinar, providing in depth information on building passive, construction phases and financing, going net zero, and much, much more. Paul answers everyone questions as part of a Q&A session too.

EkoBuilt’s Paul Kealey introducing our webinar:

The next webinar is October 3rd, 2023. Get details!

We never stop learning and sharing

We use every interaction with people to inform what we do, and we’re engaged in continual learning of our own.

Yes, we’re passive and net zero experts, but the world is a changing place and the technologies and materials we use also change over time.

In addition to providing our kit across North America, we also undertake whole home builds in our home patch. This means we can best support local builders working with our kit.

A question from one homeowner, builder, or potential customer is enough for us to consider whether we need to address it in a blog post or share a relevant resource on our site or in our builder’s handbook.

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