September Open House

Saturday, September 9th, 2023 is the date of our next passive open house in West Ottawa.

Saturday, September 9th, 2023 is the date of our next passive open house in West Ottawa.

Come on out to rural West Ottawa

We’ve chosen the first weekend after the long holiday weekend for our next open house. Hopefully by then, many folks will be feeling they have time and energy to check out our passive and net zero model home.

A Saturday at the end of summer is a great time to check out the area; consider a morning visit to the Carp Farmers’ Market before making your way to Dunrobin.

The chance to experience first hand our net zero four-bedroom home and companion secondary dwelling is not to be missed if sustainable building is on your mind.

There is no registration or need to sign up. Please just come on out during the day when it’s convenient for you. We have a generous 8-hour window for this very purpose.

Saturday, September 9th from 9 – 5pm.

124 Pine Valley Court, Dunrobin, Ontario K0A 1T0

Passive Home Virtual Tour

We know that many folks are too far away to benefit from our model home. You can always experience it through the virtual tour we share here on EkoBuilt.

We focused on clever bathroom design and placement in a recent blog post. This picture shows the smart main bathroom in our model home that can do double duty as a powder room.

Have you seen our blog post on styling the Pine Valley exterior your way? It’s a great way to play with the look you want for your home.

Sustainable design for how you live

It’s a pretty unique opportunity to come out to our Dunrobin property as you can explore both a full sized passive home and a coach house.

Our coach house designs are perfect whether you’re planning a secondary dwelling or just interested in building smart and small.

Walking through these two buildings, you’ll feel the passive difference: the quiet, the quality of fresh air throughout the home, the thick walls that lend themselves to creative design features.

It’s hard to deny the difference when you experience it for yourself.

EkoBuilt’s Paul Kealey is also always on hand to try to answer your questions on the day, but remember too that you can always sign up for our next webinar and spend two hours with Paul in that format, or you can plan a one to one conversation about your project.

Learn more about our thick wall system and how we can ship our passive house kit to you, wherever you are in the US or Canada.

Net Zero model home interiors

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