Ottawa Net Zero Open House

We'll be opening the doors to our net zero model home in September. Save the date!

We’ll be opening the doors to our net zero model home in September. Save the date!

See and feel net zero living

We talk a lot about the fact that a passive home is the quickest and most affordable route to net zero because it’s true!

For anyone living near our Ottawa, Canada location or able to visit, we offer the opportunity to walk through our net zero four-bedroom bungalow and companion secondary dwelling several times a year.

Our secondary dwelling is a carriage house design over two floors. We’ve used the upper floor as an office over the two-car garage, but it could be used in whatever way works for you!

No registration is required for our open houses. Please come out during the day when it’s convenient for you. We have a generous 8-hour window for this very purpose.

Saturday, September 9th from 9 – 5pm.

124 Pine Valley Court, Dunrobin, Ontario K0A 1T0

Passive Home Virtual Tour

We know that many folks are too far away to benefit from our model home. You can always experience it through the virtual tour we share here on EkoBuilt.

A picture of the exterior front entrance to our four bedroom bungalow. The carriage house sits to the right.

Have you seen our blog post on styling the Pine Valley exterior your way? It’s a great way to play with the look you want for your home.

The Pine Valley model 1634 ft.² four bedroom, two bathroom single level with 250 ft.² additional “free” storage space strategically placed above closet/washroom areas.

Carriage house style coach home

The Pine Valley coach house offers 676 sq ft of living space over a two-car garage.

Our floorplan features open plan living, with a separate bedroom and bathroom, but this upper storey can be used as an office space, studio, Airbnb rental, in-law suite, or whatever suits your situation.

Our implementation includes a small 6kW solar array on the sloped roof, which produces more energy than it costs to run the main house and the coach home.

Did you know? We recommend that a 6 to 10kW solar array will be plenty for most homeowners. If you plan to have an EV and operate a proper workshop with a lot of tools, for example, then we’d recommend the 10kW option.

Exterior render of the Pine Valley coach house, which is a carriage-house style secondary dwelling.
The Pine Valley coach house is a smart secondary dwelling option. We’ve recently blogged about planned extensions for our tiniest house plans.

Pine Valley coach house exteriors

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