Your Passive Home & Future Additions

Do you need to build really small now, but know you could add to your home in the future? We have plans for that!

Do you need to build really small now, but know you could add to your home in the future? We have plans for that!

A passive home that grows with you

Maybe for the foreseeable future, a tiny home or suite is exactly what you need. Most of our tiny homes have one bedroom, and a few have two, along with open plan spaces for kitchen, dining, and living, as well as a bathroom.

But what about the future? What if you can see a time when you’ll want more space, but you’d love to remain where you are?

We’ve recently taken two of our much loved tiny house plans (often selected for secondary dwellings or coach houses, but also perfect for cottage retreats, etc.), and created versions with planned extensions.

The Calendula (shown here), was a natural choice for one of these planned additions, as the living room side of the plan offered a natural entrance to a small hallway and two extra bedrooms.

With this planned addition, a perfect smaller home for one or two, is easily a three bedroom home or a two-bedroom plus den / home office / studio / workout space.

Exterior render of a passive house plan where an addition with two more bedrooms can be added in the future.
The Calendula is originally a one-bedroom plan. This render shows an extended version, with the area with dark siding where the new bedrooms would go in a planned addition.

Calendula Floorplan

Our sweet Calendula plan is a very popular small passive house plan.

It offers a charming covered porch in front and a generous patio space in the rear, with rear or south facing doors giving onto the outdoors.

The one bedroom, one bath version is a gorgeous little starter home, retirement option, secondary dwelling, or getaway.

With the planned two-bedroom addition, this plan grows from 624 to 942 square feet while retaining the exterior porch and patio features.

Use this increased square footage in whatever suits your lifestyle! We can adjust any plan, including room dimensions and partition walls, to work for you.

Exterior render of the Calendula plan; click to learn more about it.
Learn more about the Calendula – both the original one bedroom version and the pre-planned three bedroom version.

Tiny Canuck Floorplan

Our Tiny Canuck passive house design is a plan with a different approach that may work better for your particular property, etc.

It offers a narrower footprint, with the living spaces arrayed front to back, starting at a small covered porch (which includes a tiny utility room and a closet).

The original one bedroom, one bath version is another great option for a backyard studio or suite, or your own tiny home or retreat wherever you want to be.

With the planned one-bedroom addition, this plan grows from 506 to 650 square adding the new room off the back of the home.

If you don’t need another bedroom but just love the idea of more space, this extended layout would easily lend itself to a modification that sees the original bedroom opened partially or totally to the open plan living area. The master bedroom could simply move to the back of the home (and the bathroom entrance could be off the bedroom instead of the kitchen).

Exterior render of the Tiny Canuck floorplan - click for full details.
Learn more about the Tiny Canuck – both the original one bedroom version and the pre-planned two bedroom version.

Get the passive house plan you need

We create and modify house plans for our customers across North America. (Did you know that a passive house is the quickest and most affordable way to go net zero?)

We ship our pre-certified passive house kit across Canada and the US.

If you don’t see the perfect plan here, we want you to know how easy it is for us to modify an existing plan or to create one unique to you and your circumstances. And we love to provide some design inspo – check out Customize Your House Plan.

Ready to talk about your dream plan? Give us a shout!

An exterior render of the Tiny Tulip
The Tiny Tulip is another gorgeous small house plan.

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