Net Zero Multi-Unit Housing

For anyone planning a larger, multi-unit development, going passive or net zero is a game changer.

For anyone planning a larger, multi-unit development, going passive or net zero is a game changer.

Passive Construction, Net Zero Reality

Demand for passive floorplans that extend to apartment complexes and other forms of multi-unit dwellings is growing as governments and others eye Net Zero targets.

In recent years, EkoBuilt has turned its passive house expertise to multi-unit buildings, as the same principles apply to homes and buildings, regardless of size.

A passive envelope is the most affordable pathway to Net Zero, and is simply the best way to protect your investment in whatever you build.

It’s also the best financial model for an affordable to run building or complex, with a truly low energy footprint.

A nighttime render of a passive multi-unit building.
The design for this four-storey building includes carports arrayed around the property’s exterior covered in solar panels. Net Zero is this easy when paired with a passive building envelope.

Passive Multi-Unit Floorplans

We’ve just launched a Multi-Unit Residential Plans page detailing the plans currently in our portfolio, including a four-storey apartment building with solar collecting carports, a six-storey version with mixed commercial and retail elements at street level, and a five-unit townhome plan.

We also offer a clever passive duplex design with attached garages, our Two Rivers plan, as well as shared living plans that incorporate additional suites that can be used as rental units or creative forms of co-housing.

Find all of these passive multi-unit floor plan options on our new page.

An exterior render of a six-storey multi-unit residential dwelling.
This six-storey design includes mixed commercial and retail elements on the ground floor, in addition to the residential units on the upper floors.

Work with the passive experts

We’ve been passionate about and committed to the passive house model for many years and we love bringing it to homeowners across North America thanks to our proprietary weathertight material kit (passive envelope).

We know the mechanical systems required and how to scale them depending on the nature of what you’re building.

We know that landlords and those interested in community development and creative intensification opportunities are looking for more sustainable approaches to construction.

Please reach out to us to discuss your project. We’d love to show you the enormous benefits of going passive in your development, and how this will shortcut any aspirations you may have to reach net zero.

An exterior render of a five-unit town home design.
EkoBuilt’s five-unit townhome plan can easily be reconfigured for a lesser or greater number of units to fit your development.

Watch for the next post in this series on creative infill opportunities for individuals seeking more affordable ways to sustainable home ownership.

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