Prefab House Kit

Did you know that our passive house kit can also be a prefab house kit for those wishing to build a modular or prefab home?

Did you know that our passive house kit can also be a prefab house kit for those wishing to build a modular or prefab home?

When prefab is your best option

EkoBuilt’s passive house kit is the most affordable passive option for American and Canadian homeowners.

Our kit is made up of our own proprietary system, creating a pre-certified passive weathertight shell. We ship the shell to your location in three bundles, and your own local builder can put it together with exceptional support from us throughout the process.

Did you also know that we can make it available in prefabricated panels?

This step may add to the total project cost (although for some homeowners, with skyrocketing local labor costs, it may be a savings), but sometimes going prefab or modular is the best option for homeowners. Read on to find out when it’s appropriate.

An EkoBuilt home shown in winter.
This net zero home was built using EkoBuilt’s passive house kit. See more projects.

When you’re building in a dense neighbourhood

If you’re planning to tear down an older home and replace with a new build, or to fit a new home into a narrow urban or suburban lot, a prefab home solution may be just what you need.

Home construction, like any form of construction, is disruptive, and will be a significant cause of noise in the earlier phases.

We often hear from home owners eager to lessen the disruption to neighbours. Prefab house wall assemblies can be just the ticket, shortening the build process by one to two months (depending on size/complexity of the home).

A mature tree lined street in an older neighbourhood.

Achieving a weathertight shell more quickly

Depending on when in the seasonal cycle you’re starting your build, as well as other factors, such as builder availability, going with modular or prefabricated wall panels can speed up the process.

Our prefab home wall panels, once delivered to your site, are assembled very quickly, with the oversight of someone from the EkoBuilt team.

Bear in mind that any prefab or modular home option will reduce the time spent on the wall assembly, but a roof assembly will still need to happen entirely on site. While roof trusses will be selected and transported locally, it’s not practical to ever build an entire roof off-site.

A photograph of a passive home under construction with snow on the ground.
Be sure to check out our Resources for Home Owners. We also offer Resources for Builders.

Peace of mind

Maybe you’re making a big move geographically or you just don’t have the confidence that you’ve found a builder who understands passive house. No worries, we’re here to smooth the way.

Our pre-certified passive weathertight shell is already nicely laid out for an experienced builder or carpenter builder, but maybe you just want to know that the passive elements of the home are taken care of.

Enter our passive house shell, including prefab wall assembly. We build at our HQ in Ottawa, Canada and ship to you location. Our site supervisor will be on hand to supervise the assembly, and to coordinate with your builder to be sure they are ready to roll with the next steps, including the roof, and all of the key steps in any home build (e.g. plumbing, electrical, drywall, etc.).

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EkoBuilt's Paul Kealey is shown standing in front of a new home under construction.
Looking for answers? Check out our webinar for homeowners! Our passive house guru, Paul Kealey, will explain your home’s build and answer all of your questions!

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