EkoBuilt Launches new Website

With tremendous growth in our passive house and net zero offerings, it was time for a new website; we hope you love it!

With tremendous growth in our passive house and net zero offerings, it was time for a new website; we hope you love it!

Resources for homeowners and builders

It’s been a journey, and we love working with more and more people from across Canada and the US who are keen to use our passive house kit.

A revamp of our website was very much focused on streamlining our offering, our core messages, and increasing the information available for homeowners and the local builders who work with them to make their EkoBuilt home a reality.

New and improved features include:

Both of these key pages are starting points that we’ll be building on significantly this year.

We’ve also revamped our blog’s main page, to make it easier to see what’s new at a glance, and introduced a new Browse the Blog by Category page. How would you know what to look for without knowing the full range of topics we write about?

An exterior picture of the rear of an EkoBuilt home, focusing on an outdoor living area.
An EkoBuilt passive home starts with a kit, and ends with a finished home, like this one (based on our Trillium plan).

Your passive home, your way

The message we hope to convey most clearly here is that we’re here to achieve the home design that you want.

Our passive house kit is simply the most affordable way to go passive in North America. For folks interested in net zero, it’s also the fastest, least expensive way of achieving that goal.

We’ve made the design and inspiration process easy by offering well over 50 existing passive house plans, but we can also take your own design (or rough ideas) and make it a reality.

We have the build process detailed and mapped out, and offer resources for local builders who are instrumental in putting together our kit.

With an EkoBuilt passive house kit, you can focus on the home you want and need, your builder can focus on what they do well, and we supply the solution.

Ready to start on your passive home? Give us a shout!

Your journey can start with a plan from our portfolio, or whatever you have in mind! See all plans here. (Shown here: Frontenac with one-bedroom suite)

We’re introducing new plans all the time thanks to your feedback, like the shared living plans with separate suites or apartments here.

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