New Shared Living House Plans

More and more we're being asked about communal living and shared living house plans. We've got two new ones to share!

More and more we’re being asked about communal living and shared living house plans. We’ve got two new ones to share!

Communal living options expand

More folks are reaching out to us about house plans with some communal living component, as well as the option for fully separate guest suites.

Such suites can be used as an income / rental component, or just to give guests and the main occupants privacy.

We have heard you loud and clear and have designed two new options, based on our original Frontenac plan.

The Frontenac was designed for two families to live together, with separate sleeping / living quarters, and shared common spaces (kitchen, dining, as well as a shared great room).

We’ve taken the base Frontenac, retained the original features of the ground floor as described above, and added a completely separate guest unit on the upper level. In one plan, this is a one-bedroom apartment or unit with self-contained open plan kitchen, dining, and living space.

in the second plan, it’s a full two-bedroom apartment with all of the amenities in the one-bedroom version.

An exterior render of a shared living unit shown at dusk.
Another view of one of the shared living plans we’ve just launched; this one includes a separate one-bedroom suite on the upper level
Another exterior render of a shared living unit; this one with a larger two bedroom apartment on the top floor.
The shared living plan with fully separate two-bedroom apartment on the top floor.

Shared living floorplan with separate unit

The beauty of a fully self-contained unit is the flexibility this offers, from accommodating guests or extended living to family, to providing a local rental option, to housing an Airbnb unit where you live.

Both of the separate units feature open plan living, comfortable bedrooms, smartly designed bathrooms, and storage space.

Scroll down for gorgeous full colour renders!

A floorplan for a two-bedroom suite with bathroom and open plan kitchen, dining and living space.
The floorplan of the Frontenac house plan with a separate two-bedroom suite shown here.

See all 50+ house plans and find the one that might offer your starting point. We can modify any of our plans to best suit your life!

Shared living and common spaces

The ground floor of both of these new plans are based on the original Frontenac, which offered a layout for two small families or dual occupants.

Communal living may not be for you, but the economies that come from sharing a roof might be.

Don’t be shy; let us know if you like aspects of these plans, but need changes to make them work best for how you want to live.

We can change any of our plans, and we’re experienced with integrating physical accessibility features.

Please contact us to discuss your project!

A floorplan with separate living and bedroom wings from central shared living space.
The ground floor layout of our new plans are based on the Frontenac, a two-family or two-occupant shared living floorplan.

Photo gallery: Frontenac with one-bedroom suite

Photo gallery: Frontenac with two-bedroom suite

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