Passive House Essentials Explained

Your home’s build doesn’t need to feel like building a complex puzzle. Remove the guesswork by attending our passive house webinar!

Find out what building passive means

Spend an evening with us and get answers to all of your most important questions.

Take the guesswork out of your build for a smoother process and significant savings.

Build Your Home “Ask Me Anything” webinar
with EkoBuilt’s Paul Kealey (passive house guru and EkoBuilt’s President)
Tuesday, June 6th, 7 – 9pm EDT

Register now to secure your spot in this popular occasional series. Limited seats available.

TIP: If you’re building with a spouse or significant other, make sure you both attend.

Passive House Webinar – book online

Poster for EkoBuilt's passive house webinar series for home owners. Click to go to the registration page. Pay online and you'll be booked!

The bargain price of attending ($100) will be regained many times over in the thousands of dollars you will save on your build.

Avoid costly mistakes on your new home. Learn from the passive house experts!

What our participants say:

“…EkoBuilt have curated a selection of key considerations and relevant topics to discuss in a well-rounded agenda centered around the design and building principles of passive houses.”

Webinar participant Michael Lam

“We’ve been in the process of purchasing land and recently participated in a webinar with EkoBuilt – it was absolutely fascinating. Just got us even more excited about the kits your company offers!”

Lindsey Gray & Sam Winchenbach (Maine, US)

Why attend this passive house webinar

Get all of your questions answered on process, time, costs, and financing.

Learn about passive house and other energy efficient buildings like Energy Star, LEED, and Net Zero. Explore the benefits of a passive house to your health and your wallet. Learn about issues to avoid costly mistakes.

This webinar will provide you with valuable information to help you understand the house building process, to make it less overwhelming, and educate yourself.

Save thousands of dollars in your own home building journey by being prepared.

Click to discover more about EkoBuilt's house plans.
An EkoBuilt passive home is pre-certified passive. Find your way to a sustainable future by building passive.

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