Tiny home retirement

Is a tiny home retirement in your future? We’ve got the best plans and building system for you as you plan to downsize.

Tiny living trend continues to grow

More and more North Americans preparing for retirement are downsizing in a big way, to the point of tiny home living. Is this you?

You might be considering joining a tiny home community, building a secondary dwelling on an existing lot, or just finding the perfect place to build small. We’ve got the floorplans for your perfect tiny retirement home.

We hear more and more from people starting to make these arrangements, including people who are getting ready to allow an adult child and their family move into the main house on their property, while building a much smaller secondary dwelling for themselves.

We offer 13 tiny homes, but we can also create a completely custom design for you.

A picture of a finished interior of a tiny retirement home for an EkoBuilt client.
The Nepean Point tiny floorplan (720 square feet) is pretty ideal for retirement living. It includes open plan kitchen and living, with separate bedroom, den (or guest room), and bathroom. See the finished home.

An EkoBuilt house plan and kit is perfect, as we can customize it to YOU, and then ship it to wherever you need it in North America. Any carpenter experienced with double-wall framing can build our kit, and we’re here to offer any guidance that may be preferred!

Our passive homes are so energy efficient, your energy bills will be vanishingly small! You can easily net zero or go off grid with our homes. Learn more about the way we heat, cool, and run our passive homes.

Your tiny house plan

In planning for retirement, you may still want a den or workspace, or place to accommodate guests occasionally. Our 2 bedroom and 1 + 1 bedroom tiny home plans are ideal for this type of living.

The Nepean Point, shown in the picture above, has a floorplan that’s easily flipped or modified to suit your particular needs and style of living. Check it out in this post.

The Senators Place (floorplan shown here), is another two bedroom or one plus one bedroom model that’s perfect for tiny living that’s not too tiny.

Be sure to check out all 13 tiny home plans, ranging from 400 square feet to nearly 1,000 square feet.

Two of our plans are for tiny homes over garages, and any of our plans can be built with a basement.

Senators Place tiny floor plan

A two bedroom tiny floorplan shown with overall measurements.

Add a basement (otherwise we build slab on grade), tweak the floorplan, change the dimensions, build over a garage. EkoBuilt’s passive house solution can suit your specific locale and requirements.

Planning for your retirement home

We’re here to help you plan and take into consideration the many factors influencing the tiny home you end up building.

If you have a lot of questions and want to learn more about why any new home you build should be a passive home, consider attending one of our regular home building webinars. Our clients rave about how useful the webinar has been for them.

Visit our tiny home plans page and consider the turnkey cost analysis documents for the plans you prefer.

You can also just reach out to us and we’d love a conversation about your tiny home retirement dream. If you’re near our headquarters in Ottawa, Canada, we can also handle your entire build from start to finish. Consider visiting our model passive home in West Ottawa on one of our occasional open days.

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