Smart Passive House Plan: The Hummingbird

One of our most popular house plans, we’ve featured The Hummingbird before. Learn more about this flexible bungalow.

Solar House Plans

A passive home is often considered a “solar home” because of its in-built intelligence in working with the sun.

Our ever popular Hummingbird model (1,916 sq ft, 4 bedrooms) offers a sustainable house plan which features a window wall for southern exposure (and great views, if you have them!).

We’ve tailored and changed this plan for a growing variety of settings and lifestyles. The Hummingbird can be found in rural and urban settings, and is sometimes paired with a finished basement.

We have some beautiful new renders to showcase this exceptional plan. Remember – you can customize any of our passive house plans to best suit your needs!

Interior of the main living space in a home using the Hummingbird passive house plan

One Plan Many Different Ways: variations on the Hummingbird

Solar Orientation for a Passive House

One of the defining features of a passive house, is of course orientation to catch the sun. It’s why our stable of 50+ passive house plans feature large windows on the rear or south facing wall.

Reviewing our plans, you may also notice that windows are kept small and to a minimum on all other walls (especially east and west); this is to aid cooling in the home, but also simply to save on material cost. More windows will increase the cost of your home.

If you have an incredible view and want more windows in your passive home, we always can do that!

A More Affordable Home

The Hummingbird bungalow floorplan, apart from being easily modified to suit your room requirements, is also a great example of the “keep it simple” approach to keeping construction costs down.

A rectangular home with a low slope roof uses the least amount of materials (and labour), keeping your passive home sustainable and affordable.

Eco-Friendly Bungalow for a Family

Floorplan for the original Humminbird Plan: four bedrooms

Interesting fact: the original Hummingbird doesn’t show closets in the secondary bedrooms. Space in the main living areas was prioritized in this plan.

These bedrooms are 10′ x 10′ and can accommodate a queen sized bed and a wardrobe.

The hallway that borders the bedrooms is 6′ wide in the plan shown above. If you’d like to have standard 2′ foot deep closets in the bedrooms, it’s easy to reduce that open hall to 4′.

Outdoor living from day to night

The Hummingbird passive house plan - exterior render shown during the dayThe Hummingbird passive house plan - exterior render shown at night with outside lighting

Customize your home’s exterior

An exterior render of the Hummingbird floorplan showing the screened in porch at the front corner of the home.The same angle of the home is shown at dusk, with lighting

Passive house design inspiration

Hoping to create your perfect passive home? We ship our weathertight material kit across North America and regularly hear it was our customers’ most affordable passive option.

Please reach out to us to discuss your most affordable option for a home that will protect your investment.

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