How long will it take to build a passive house?

Building your home involves a series of milestones. We break those down here and set out expected timelines.

House Design & Permit Phase

Overall, you’ll want to expect about four (4) months for your passive home design and building permit phase. We always suggest getting going on this as soon as possible:

2 months for conceptual drawings / revisions, and a final set of construction drawings
1 month for engineering review and stamp, HVAC design, site plan / septic design (for those not on city services or to connect with your municipality for existing services)
1 month for building permits / approvals

An important note: larger urban areas typically take longer than smaller towns and municipalities when it comes to permitting.

Start with a plan or create a custom house design

House Construction Phase

Allow a minimum of seven (7) months for the entire build process, including:

2 weeks for site/ground prep
2 weeks for the foundation
2 months to assemble EkoBuilt’s weathertight shell (your home’s envelope, including windows/doors)
1 month for rough-ins (electrical wiring, drainage/water lines, HVAC ductwork, line sets for heat pump, etc.)
1 month for insulation / drywall
2 months for interior finishes

We don’t note exterior finishes separately here as they can begin as soon as the shell is complete and can overlap with interior finishes.

Note: ultimately, your home’s timing will come down to project management and the availability of various trades.

Picture of a passive home in the latter stages of construction.

Maximize timelines with good planning

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Building a passive house

If you know you want to build passive, but you’d prefer a fully custom design, or you just need to discuss things first, give us a shout!

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