A Sweet Bungalow: The Foxglove

We take a look at very different types of bungalows, including The Foxglove, a rather sweet house plan.

Not one size fits all

We feature quite a few bungalow floorplans in our portfolio, and they aren’t all just variations on a tight theme. We understand that our customers live in very different ways, and our houseplan options reflect this.

We have bungalows with completely separate wings (Sunflower), and those that situate bedrooms at opposite ends of the layout (Honeysuckle, Blazing Star).

We have other bungalow layouts where the bedrooms are kept closer together in a wing or space of their own (Foxglove, Primrose). We even have floorplans where we mix it up a bit (Hummingbird, Pine Valley) in a layout that is ideal for tweaking to meet your lifestyle. Really, all of our plans can be tweaked to best match how you live.

The Foxglove

This take on the bungalow situates the three bedrooms and shared main bathroom along one side of the home, while open plan living and additional spaces (utility/laundry, powder room, entry way) run down the other side.

It’s a smart plan that makes thoughtful use of space in a smaller footprint.

Foxglove bungalow floorplan

The interior arrangement of rooms in the Foxglove single story floorplan keeps the bedrooms and a shared main bathroom along one side of the home, open plan living on the other.

Wondering how to make an EkoBuilt home uniquely yours? Check out the Customize your house plan article.

Make it yours

We’re here to help you realize the most comfortable, sustainable home for your life. Reach out to discuss your plan!

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