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EkoBuilt's passive house floorplans are tried and tested, but they are also easily customized to you and your life.

EkoBuilt’s passive house floorplans are tried and tested, but they are also easily customized to you and your life.

An EkoBuilt plan fits your life

We have a lot of choice when it comes to floorplans, but you still might find there isn’t one that’s 100% right for you. What next?

All of our plans are easily modified to suit your needs, how you live, and the limitations and advantages of the property where you’re building.

Things can can easily be changed to suit your build:

  • Internal room configuration – we can remove or combine rooms/spaces, reduce or add to overall square footage, and find space for what’s missing from a plan that you otherwise love.
  • Basement – our homes assume slab on grade, but it’s also easy to add a partial or full basement; a walkout basement, when it works, makes for a cheaper two-storey!
  • Orientation – finding the best way to orient the plan to work with existing street or property access, as well as factors such as views and the best way to face for solar gain are all important, and we look at these with you in detail.
  • Exterior finishes – as shown in the slideshow on this page, we’re working to have more inspiration for you on how siding selection and other finishes can dramatically change the look of your home.
  • Garage or carport – we can add those too!

Pine Valley bungalow

Our model home in West Ottawa, Canada, is a super smart 1,500 square foot bungalow with a row of vertical windows on its front or street face.

We went for a clean, white exterior and are working towards landscaping in 2023, but in the meantime, it’s admittedly a bit of a blank canvas.

We’ve come up with these gorgeous renders to give you a great feel for how you can transform your home with the addition of outdoor living spaces and the application of difference palettes in your choice of siding and trim.

Did you know? EkoBuilt’s homes tend to feature a low slope roof. This focus on a high performance, low cost roof is a smart choice. It reduces construction costs, is tremendous at supporting heavy snow loads, and is a money saver when it comes to energy bills. If you prefer a more traditional design, that’s possible too!

What a difference colour selection makes!

The changes shown below take the house from a contemporary country or cottage style to a more sophisticated urban vibe.

Our pre-certified passive window and door suppliers make it possible to select the palette your prefer, and our engineered wood siding recommendation comes in a big range of colours and finishes.

Outdoor living with your style

Here’s another comparison at dusk, featuring the addition of an outdoor living space.

Design your home your way

Like what you see? We’d love to talk to you about customizing your passive home.

Check out all of our house plans, consider attending one of our “Build Your Home” webinars, or just reach out!

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The Pine Valley bungalow is one of some 40+ house plans.

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