ADU Floor Plans & Kits

Secondary dwellings go by many names in North America. Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) will be most familiar to our US customers — and yes, we have plans and kits!

Secondary dwellings

Any smaller, independent dwelling with a kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping space that occupies the same lot as a larger, stand-alone (detached home) residence, is a secondary dwelling.

In Canada, these are variously called coach homes, garden suites, and laneway suites, amongst other terms. In the US, the term accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is most widely used.

EkoBuilt carries a full line of ADU floorplans, including a series of single-storey dwellings ranging between 400 and 1,000 sq ft, a larger unit with a loft area, and two carriage house style options with a ground floor garage and upper storey apartment.

Any of our floorplans can be built slab on grade or with the addition of a basement, and all make use of our proprietary passive house kit and system. This system is certifiable by the International Passivehouse Association (IPHA) anywhere in North America.

ADU projects

Check out the following projects that feature EkoBuilt ADU floor plans:

An efficient small kitchen is vital in an ADU floor plan.
A smartly designed kitchen is essential in an ADU
Picture shows a large brick dwelling with an ADU situated at the rear of the property.
Twin ADUs (at left) sit at the rear of adjacent properties for two large brick dwellings in Ottawa, Canada

Some of the ADUs we’ve built feature solar panels on their roofs, making them net zero.

Compact living

ADUs offer a great way to expand living space for guests or family, and are often used as an income source or for flexible living / work spaces.

EkoBuilt’s ADU designs all focus on smart, livable spaces, and are just as popular with folks seeking a tiny home or small living solution, as well as those pursuing a secondary dwelling option.

Our designs can be found in urban and suburban neighborhoods, as well as in more rural settings.

Customize an ADU for your property

Looking for a durable, elegant, and sustainable option for a secondary dwelling? You should talk to us.

We deliver our designs and passive home kits to customers across continental North America.

Learn more about how we work with our US customers.

ADU design gallery

We can modify any of our existing plans to best suit your needs; or we can create a custom design.

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