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Is a basement cheaper than a second storey?

Get your questions answered in our monthly “Build Your Home” webinar with EkoBuilt’s president and visionary, Paul Kealey.

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Webinar agenda

Please visit our monthly webinar series page for an overview of what to expect, or just jump over to our registration page.

So many questions!

We get it, building your own home can feel fraught with complexity, but there are great answers to all of your questions.

Our first webinar in August was an overwhelming success. We delved into questions like these:

  • Is a basement cheaper than a second storey? (yes, and basements can also be made to feel fantastic)
  • If you hire a carpenter to build your kit, how we do you make sure they do it properly?
  • If a carpenter builds the shell, but you do your own finishes, how is your warranty affected?
  • Does a well need to be in place before backfilling after excavation?

Get your questions answered!

Build Your Home “Ask Me Anything” webinar with EkoBuilt’s Paul Kealey.

Sep. 29th, 7pm – 9pm EDT (we’ll run longer if needed to accommodate your questions).

If you missed this one, just check the date of the next one on our main webinar page.

Webinar registration

7-9pm EDT, 29 September 2022 (we’ll run long if needed to answer everyone’s questions)

Cost: $100 CAD. Limited seats available. Pay by Credit Card or PayPal (just scroll down past the PayPal option to see the Credit Card option).

Why attend

  • Gather vital information and save significantly on your build
  • Get your specific questions answered by world class building expert Paul Kealey
  • Get a $1,000 coupon after the webinar that you can apply toward delivery and shipping charges on the purchase of your Ekobuilt Weathertight Shell Material Kit.
Exterior picture of an EkoBuilt home in winter - click for a video walkthrough of the Wakefield house plan
A completed EkoBuilt home using the Wakefield floorplan – click for a video walkthrough of this passive house plan

With a monthly series, you don’t have to miss out on the chance to spend a couple of hours with EkoBuilt’s visionary, Paul Kealey.

Arm yourself with the best information and details for your home’s build. Register now or when you’re able to book the date of a future webinar.

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