“Build Your Home” Webinar with Paul Kealey!

EkoBuilt's "Build Your Home" webinar with Paul Kealey on Aug 24th is now a monthly series.

Find out everything you need to know about our first ever “Ask Me Anything” webinar with EkoBuilt’s president and visionary, Paul Kealey.

Get your questions answered!

Build Your Home “Ask Me Anything” webinar with EkoBuilt’s Paul Kealey.

August 24th, 7pm – 9pm EDT (we’ll run longer if needed to accommodate your questions).

A webinar to have all your questions answered on the process, time, costs, financing, when building your own home.  Learn about passive house and other energy efficient buildings like Energy Star, Leeds and Net Zero.  Understand the benefits of a passive house to your health and your wallet, and learn about issues to avoid costly mistakes.  

This webinar will provide you with valuable information to help you understand the house building process, to make it less overwhelming and educate yourself to save thousands of dollars in your own home building journey.   You will have all your questions answered by a world class building expert in the ‘Ask Me Anything’ Q&A. 

Webinar registration

7-9pm EDT, August 24th, 2022 (we’ll run long if needed to answer everyone’s questions)

Cost: $100 CAD. Limited seats available.

Why attend

  • Vital information to save you thousands of dollars on your build
  • Your questions answered by a world class building expert (‘Ask Me Anything’ Q&A)
  • After the webinar we will send you a $1,000 coupon that you can apply toward delivery and shipping charges towards purchase of your Ekobuilt Weathertight Shell Material Kit.
An exterior shot of a two-storey passive house by EkoBuilt
A completed EkoBuilt home using the Casa Veena floorplan

Don’t miss out on this chance to spend a couple of hours with EkoBuilt’s visionary, Paul Kealey, and equip yourself with the right information for your home’s build.

Webinar agenda

  1. Types of Energy Efficient Builds & Passive House:  
    Differences in Minimum Code to Energy Star/R2000/Leeds to Net Zero & Passive House, so you can make the right choices for you.
  2. Steps in building a house
    From site prep to interiors, understand the steps & sequences for a rural or city build, so you are less overwhelmed.
  3. Timeline to build a house 
    Learn about the timeline for each step to how to plan a less stressful build.
  4. Costs (initial, lifetime) of a sample house 
    See a sample house priced out, and we outline areas where you can reduce cost.  
  5. How does construction financing work
    We show typical bank financing & variations that can work for your finances.
  6. Benefits of passive house certified and traps to avoid
    Learn what traps to avoid, and how passive certified assemblies (eg: Wall/Roof) and systems (eg: HVAC) benefit the health, energy efficiency & air tightness of your home.  
  7. “ASK ME ANYTHING” with Paul Kealey, President & Chief Visionary at Ekobuilt:  We answer all your questions in this session.  You’ll also gain lots of value from questions asked by other home owners looking to build.
The north facing exterior of EkoBuilt's Trillium home has smaller windows and a unique profile.
EkoBuilt’s Trillium passive house plan – front view
The south facing exterior of an EkoBuilt is all about the windows and passive solar gain.
EkoBuilt’s Trillium passive house plan – exterior view

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